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These are availabe seasonally, generally March-May.

You can contact us directly to inquire about stock left for 2019 Season.

417-355-8833 or pigeoncreekfarmllc@gmail.com

Variety List:
 Hydrangeas: Phantom and Alice Oak Leaf
Viburnum: Doublefile Popcorn
Rose of Sharon: Arden's, Lady Stanley, Double White, Double Red, and Aphrodite
Willows: French Pussy and Dappled
Grasses: Adagio Maiden, Morning Light, Zebra, and Hardy Pompass
Lynnwood Forsythia
Myrtles: Pink, White, and Deep Red
Potentilla: McKay's White, Primrose Beauty, Gold Finger, and Pink Whisper
Wisteria: Burning Bush, Honeysuckle, and Trailing Roses
Spirea's: Gold Flame, Little Princess, and Gold Mound
Weigela's: Eastern Redbud
Butterfly Bushes
Blueberries: Blue Ray and Blue Crop
JuJube: Fruiting Bush
Jerusalme Artichoke

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